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Managing Director

The founder and Managing Director of Wandering Scholars is Mihai Marcas MA, MSc, PGCE. Mihai has six years teaching experience in Britain; including four years at British public schools, and three years’ experience of management in the education sector. He is currently the Head of Economics and heads the Widening Perspectives programme at Winchester College in Hampshire, England.

Mihai Marcas spent most childhood summers in his grandparents’ village in Oltenia, in settings that today in Britain are best recognised in paintings by John Constable. These experiences left an indelible impression on Mihai, and is the inspiration for working on a project that tackles issues that Romania faces in these often undervalued and disadvantaged communities.

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Director of Training

Currently teaching in South Korea, Raluca Ghimpu (MA, MRes, PGDE) is a Modern Studies teacher with four years' teaching experience in Scotland.

Raluca spent her childhood in Iasi, Romania and then moved to the UK for her higher education. During her university years, she completed three months as a volunteer educator in Kenya. This sparked a curiosity and passion for knowledge and different cultural approaches to it. She then became interested in various education systems around the world and how one’s culture influences the way in which knowledge is transmitted from one generation to another.

Being raised in a small village herself, Raluca is keen on offering other children opportunities to broaden their horizons and experience life from different angles.

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Director of Marketing

Miruna Berechet is a Business and Marketing graduate from the University of Edinburgh. Miruna has digital marketing experience in professional services, recruitment and start-ups. She is currently a Marketing Manager at two law firms based in Scotland, while also leading our Marketing and Communicatons.

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