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Volunteer to teach in a Romanian village

Wandering Scholars is a British charity that provides inspirational summer schools that emulate the British public school experience for children in traditional Romanian villages. We are currently looking for students and professionals who are based in the UK and wish to volunteer a week (or more) of their summer in 2023! 

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Stay with local villagers 

You will be hosted by a local villager from the village you will be teaching in. They will provide warm meals, comfortable accommodation, and cleaning facilities as a donation in kind for the opportunities you would provide the local village children through your summer school. 

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Change the lives of young people

You can share your interests with enthusiastic young people, giving them confidence, and inspiring them to become scientists, economists, actors, writers. You can tailor your programme to suit the age group that would most benefit from your lessons. You can teach any subject or skill or craft that you like, anything so long as you have a real passion for it. In the 2022 Summer School, kids from Barsana (Maramures) aged 13-15 were taught an eclectic mix of subjects, from behavioural game theory, to Liberal and Conservative political ideologies, and macroeconomic modelling!

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Donate to our cause

If you believe in Our Vision of education for kids in rural communities in Romania, then please do donate to our cause. Wandering Scholars is a charity that aims to run simultaneous summer schools throughout every region of Romania. Your money will pay for things like: funds for teaching materials, graphic design software for marketing; advertising to recruit teachers. 

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Student feedback

"Mi-a placut foarte mult. TOT. Orele sunt foarte interesante. [...] O sa imi fie dor de aceste ore."

"I liked it very much. EVERYTHING. The lessons were very interesting. [...] I'm going to miss this."

"Ceaiurile au fost foarte bune! Mi-au placut discutiile despre cultura Britanica, lectiile de economie si jocurile de la behavioural science."

"The teas were so good! I liked the discussions about British culture, the economics lessons and behavioural game theory." 

"Mi-a placut foarte mult ca am descoperit lucruri noi si am aflat cum se desfarsoara viata in Anglia. [...] Dezbaterile au fost cele mai interesante!"

"I really liked that I discovered new things, and I learnt what life is like in England. [...] I found the debates really interesting!"

Anonymous feedback collected after the 2022 Barsana Summer School 

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